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Who is Farjag?

I'm 28 year old designer and artist with an equal love of architecture and tabletop gaming. I discovered a love for modelmaking and building early in life, but only discovered tabletop gaming much later, while earning my Master's Degree in architecture.

I have always loved a good story, especially when I can tell it with space. I began drawing my own maps almost as soon as I began running my own games, and quickly realized I could use the same skills I was using in my architecture classes to build maps and encounters that my players had never experienced before.

During 2020 I suddenly found myself with the time to devote to truly honing my modeling skills and speed, and began cranking out more and more complex maps at an incredibly fast pace. Now, with the skills and speed to take a map from concept to finished product rapidly, I've begun to share my work, so you, too, can realize whatever fantastical vision you have in your head. Your players won't stop talking about it, trust me.

XatalTemple_14 - Photo.jpg
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